Re-use & Recycling of Electronics Hardware

PTS recognize that many of our customers today recognize the cost benefits and the environmental advantages of re-using Electronic hardware. We offer a number of solutions where we apply our expertise to the refurbishment of a wide range of Electronics items to allow their re-use and hence bring cost savings to our customers.

Where a customer has redundant Electronics hardware, we are offering the following services:

Bonepile Repair- our team will assess the failed material, and implement a process to maximize the return of repaired, re-usable product to our customer. Material will be fault-diagnosed, repaired, upgraded to the latest revision level, refurbished, Functionally Tested and re-packed to original customer specification.

Parts Recovery – we offer a number of parts recovery and reverse logistics programs to maximize the recovery of re-usable items from Electronic hardware from plastics/metalwork through to IC devices on the Printed Circuit Board. All recovered items will be cleaned for re-use and repackaged (including ESD packaging where appropriate) for re-use .

Recycling - PTS offer a full Electronics recycling service including the issuance of Certification of Destruction documentation to assure our customers of the final disposition of their product in relation to WEEE Directives. Secure data destruction is also offered where appropriate to the customer product. Our Recycling team can also negotiate financial return on occasions to further increase the costs savings which we can be realized through efficient Recycling processes in partnership with our Recycling business unit in the Far East.

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